Dubout and Hebdo

Mehreen Kasana

It is 1931 and Le Rire has published a satirical image of a furious-looking ‘savage’ from the L’Exposition Coloniale. The man, scowling at the viewer, is a Black man; a colonial possession from Guinée française. This publication takes place in Paris and the cartoonist is Albert Dubout. Born in Marseille, Dubout is a reputed illustrator and sculptor. His journey into fine art commences with humor, and his artistic endeavors are published in L’écho des étudiants. Like Charlie Hebdo’s publication, he catapults his sense of biting humor at everyone but most particularly, the wrath of his wit – in the era of freak shows and human zoos (and the accompanying horrors of colonial expeditions) held in Chicago, London, Paris, Hamburg, Barcelona, Brussels, Johannesburg and St. Louis – is centered viciously on those who stand helplessly inside the cages instead of the awestruck white viewers outside the bars.

The savage, for…

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10 Must-Read Saudi Cables on Iraq

1001 Iraqi Thoughts

saud faisal1

By Ali Hadi Al-Musawi (@ahmusawi)

While only a small portion of the half a million Saudi cables have so far been released by WikiLeaks, a quick scan of the available documents that relate to Iraq reveal three consistent approaches adopted by the Kingdom in an effort to extend its influence in the country: financial and political support for Sunni Arab tribes, politicians and Kurdish actors that are willing to undermine the central government in Baghdad; close communication with Baath Party officers, financial support and political asylum for families of high-ranking former officials; and regional diplomatic efforts aimed at undermining the sovereign legitimacy of the Iraqi state.

Here are ten of the most insightful leaked cables concerning Iraq:

1 – Saudi seeks to co-opt Iraq’s Sunni Arabs

Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry proposes a three-stage plan to establish connections with, and ultimately co-opt, Sunni Arab tribes and politicians in Iraq. The stated goal is to undermine the government…

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